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Hey guys

As you already know my name is Daniel Pohl aka HouseOrdnung.

First, I want to say something what’s in my heart:

Since I was 21 years old I have been crazy about electronic music und have made a long journey through different music genres. But what you‘re now going to hear from me is a genre which I am really fond of!

BTW: I turned 28 on the 6th of January ^^

However, I didn’t perform as DJ until the middle of summer 2014, together with DDJ SX 2 of Pioneer and Serato.

I put my heart and soul into the project… It’s the elixir of my live and that’s what keeps me alive.

I LoVe Music and Music LoVes Me

Since then I have been very committed (!!) to climb the career ladder!^^

Only then when I am allowed to perform as DJ at festivals and in clubs around the world

And to work together with star DJ’s and producers in order to make a great project I feel like as if I had succeeded.

For example:

Performing together at an event and pretending to be a „ Ear travel manager" in order to take the audience on a journey through different stages

Of course, atmosphere is a really important aspect which we must not lose sight of ^^

But I can say with quiet conscience, that we were born for business! And we are going to do what we can!!!!

The High end business has become my life’s dream and life’s work since the summer of 2014!!! And I won’t stop loving this or I won’t stop appreciating the music and DJ business

I have something valuable and this is: House Of Order Sick World Music Agency and my great audience which supports me and , of course, my family, who is there for me in good times and in bad times!!!

I really appreciate the business! This is what I have sat myself the task of and what I really wish from the bottom of my heart!!!

Doing A world tournee together with the best DJ s and producing something individual together with the best producers in order to excite our audience^^

That’s what I feel! Is it like this? As if a family of Star Djs existed and just a few single nominated newcomer were taken carefully on board^^

However, it might be the case that, just for one moment, it can be interrupted without someone noticing it. And this is all in an Undercover Modus!

First off:

As I don’t want to be seen as a commercial DJ and I only play those songs I am sure about to 100% and those songs which I feel identified and comfortable with!

I really take the trouble not to be put into this category!

(I’ll promise!!!)

Because this is me!!! And that’s how I live^^

so, just get to know me and If any questions occur to you, just let me know, I won’t bite you^^

I would really be happy to be at your disposal!

As regards my fee, it will be calculated flexible and fair, so that both parties will be satisfied and guarded. I’ll give 180% to accompany the crowed on its journey of vibrations and trounce or to get the crowd there!! And to keep it running during my performance!!

It will be reflected on my fee as I produce it myself. As one can understand and which one should find fair!

I come from North-Rine-Westphalia – East-Westphalians, near Bielefeld.

Hmm yes… right!! Bielefeld doesn’t exist! And its university is a spaceship^^

Yes of course… XD

Iots of love to u and especially to my friends and family!

Happy and blessed New Year 2016!!!

May all your projects fulfil as good as possible!!

Yours sincerely

Daniel Pohl aka HouseOrdnung

See you tonight


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